Products Covering your needs

“To inspire and uplift the consumer’s way of life of every Filipino family . . .”

begins our Vision & Mission Statement - an expression of our commitment in

everything we do and in everything we offer.


Quanta Paper Corporation together with our personal care affiliate, Total

Hygienicare, Inc. is committed in providing high quality and affordable eco-friendly hygienic tissue and personal care products for every consumer needs.


We aggressively invest in the latest and most state-of-the-art technology to

deliver our commitment and we always place a great deal in sustainable

practices. Our Research & Development ensures that our products and the

brand it carries remain relevant and beneficial to our customers. We have a

Quality Management System, which ensures that we meet world-class

standards in all areas of our production and operations.


We have a diversified product portfolio which covers the needs of the market

ranging from bathroom tissues, kitchen tissues, table napkins, baby diapers,

adult diapers, and feminine pads.